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Information about the BTBR: Welcome 2.0 :)

Hi guys! Guppy here!

I’m sure everyone has heard of the bushfires ravaging Australia. We’ve all seen the devastation they’ve caused on the news and in reality, with pictures of families having to leave their homes, badly burned koalas and the suffocating smoke. So, I decided to start a readathon, that will help raise money for the bushfires!

Some of you may be wondering where the original welcome post went, but don’t worry, scrap it and everything I told you there from your memories…

This is the NEW and IMPROVED (hopefully) FINAL WELCOME POST!!!

On inky’s fri-yay post, they suggested the steps for the readathon, and just to make sure the information is consistent  (if you are confused by anything, shoot me a comment at the FAQ) here is what you have to do to participate:

Step 1. Register your interest to contribute under any of my posts and email inky at insideadog@slv.vic.gov.au.

Step 2. Nominate an end date that suits you. (probably before the end of March)

Step 3: Find sponsors!

Step 4. Write up a sponsor sheet on which you have a list of sponsors, the amount they are sponsoring you per post as well as the charity you are donating to (WIRES for wildlife, CFA, RFS, CFS or Red Cross)

Step 5. START BLOGGING! Your posts can be anything book-related, think reviews, fanart, playlists, stories, poetry etc.!

At the end of your set date, tally up the results and get your sponsors to donate the money directly to your chosen charity!

Hope this helps!

guppy 😀

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